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Mindfinity by Opher Brayer


Opher Brayer is a world renowned Talent Development expert, Business Mentor, Coach, Teacher, Methodologist and Creator.


Opher’s history is intertwined with the history of his native Israel. During his early years, he witnessed holocaust refugees fighting for their survival against the enemies surrounding them. Later on, he experienced the military glory of Israel and the country’s admiration for its military rise. Following that, he helped grow the advanced generation cyber technology and security 8200 unit in the Israeli Army, and then went on to grow the startup business environment in Israel.


Since 1984, Opher has been researching, constructing, and applying unique methodologies, which have demonstrated that people can develop multi-disciplinary talent, contrary to the popularly held concept that talent is “natural”. 


MindFinity is a series of games developed by Opher Brayer to develop the innovative creator / innovator in your child. The games are simple and rewarding. A daily practice of just seven minutes a day with your child develops their mathematical brain.

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