05 September

This Talent Specialist Has Given Kids An Unfair Advantage For 40 Years...

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Could a simple technique that takes just 25 minutes per week raise your child’s IQ?

That’s the claim from award-winning talent specialist, Opher Brayer. He believes there’s an easy way to teach children virtually anything -- and it only takes 25 minutes per week.

A coach for some of the best and brightest in Silicon Valley, and innovative companies including Disney, Microsoft and HP, Brayer has discovered a unique method that enables children to learn faster.

He warns today’s school systems are outdated and are sabotaging the way children learn. With teachers under more pressure than ever before to improve test scores, kids don’t develop critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills.

Instead, they’re asked to memorize material and become better test-takers-- a skill that won’t serve them in a rapidly changing job market. What’s even more concerning to Brayer? They're not developing the one skill he believes is most important for the future.

Given their shorter attention spans and the gaps in today's educational system, Opher developed a unique technique that enables young minds to build their IQ, imagination, and creativity.

Not only that, this method gets kids offline by making learning a fun activity. They develop a new way of thinking and learn faster in all types of new situations.

So instead of turning to textbooks and using rote learning methods, this method empowers young minds to learn new skills that improve their academic, music, design, dance, artistic, and sports skills through pattern recognition and analogy. It only takes 25 minutes per week and is a fun activity for the whole family.

We did some research on Opher’s program and found that parents have paid $3,300 each to attend his 5-day workshop to learn how to play my games, coach their children, and become more supportive parents.

He recorded everything, had each of the sessions put online for instant access, and started to sell it for $1,000.

But then, the pandemic started…

“Covid is dramatically accelerating the rate of change,” said Brayer, “It is so urgent that people see this because one billion jobs could be lost to automation, robotics and artificial intelligence by 2030.”

The videos aren't fancy, but the material will change the way you think, and can prepare you for what's ahead.

For a limited time, busy parents can get free access to a short version of the same training, Micro Steps to Genius, to see how it works.

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