Games of Genius Makes Kids Smarter, Boosts Grades and Builds Inventive IQ!

Games of Genius Makes Kids Smarter, Boosts Grades and Builds Inventive IQ!

Our award-winning cognitive methodology, based on decades of research, gives kids an early edge so they learn subjects faster, excel in school and become the top HUMAN contributors to society.

Hi, I'm Opher Brayer. For the past 40 years, I've been an educator, music teacher and talent specialist.

My mission is to give kids an edge... so they get the best jobs and avoid future hardship. 

Decades ago, I discovered a systematic way to turn untalented kids into geniuses. Since then, I've been personally responsible for thousands of "impossible" student transformations…

A number of whom have gone on to make millions in their adult years and become prodigies in their field like Yaron Herman, a world-renowned musician, whose TEDx Talk explains how I got him started…

But most started off as "C" students, or worse. In fact, I've seen my "education shortcut" work over and over again with "underperformers"… whether due to issues with attention, focus or simply boredom with school.

However, I now believe EVERY child needs this whether gifted or not…

That's because the world is changing rapidly...

It's not just cashiers who are being replaced by self-checkout stations, robots being put in warehouses or the self-driving delivery trucks which are coming... 

None of our traditional, well-paid professions are safe. Doctors. Lawyers. Programmers. Math PhDs... all are at risk of displacement by AI and automation.

There's a new headline in the news every day and the pandemic is speeding up this change! 

A computer can now read and understand the contents of 500,000 medical journals or legal cases in 20 minutes…

What human can compete with that?

This is the reason why getting good grades is not enough… 

The world is shifting from a focus on academics (learning "one-time" content) to soft skills such as:

  • Critical thinking
  • Active learning
  • Problem solving
  • Team collaboration
  • Communication
  • Inventiveness
  • Leadership
  • Rapid learning ability 

Soft skills are why Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla and other leading companies don't require college degrees anymore… Content changes so quickly and can now be easily found online. Today's innovative companies need smart people who can think on their feet and invent the future… 

The BEST Jobs Will Require A Research and Development Mindset

You only have about 6 years left to prepare your kids for success before they're "all grown up."

In this new era, Inventive IQ matters… It's the HUMAN capability to invent, solve or innovate using a TRAINED IMAGINATION.

Those who invent our future will be in high demand... And it could be your kids... but only if you've given them an edge.

There's already a huge need for that talent TODAY...

Amazon is actively hiring tens of thousands of R&D specialists who earn an average of $150,000 per year. Meanwhile, their vast warehouses use lots of automation and robots...

The unskilled humans still left in Amazon's warehouses are managed by artificial intelligence and robo-fired if they don't meet quotas. 

So how do you make kids more intelligent, talented and innovative, so they can thrive in a future like this?

You see, after spending decades teaching everything from math to music, I noticed schoolwork wasn't making children more "intelligent"…

Rather, the children who already possessed a certain intelligence had an easier time with their schoolwork.

I realized the true "superpower" of high performers was not how well they could memorize facts and figures from their textbooks…

But the ease with which they could internalize, connect, and apply new concepts, no matter what the subject.

So, I thought back to the world's greatest minds who were known for possessing multiple intelligences…

Leonardo DaVinci, Aristotle, Helen Keller, and Nikola Tesla…

And more recently, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk…

What I realized is the wild success of these "Jacks of All Trades" -- or "Polymaths" as they're also called -- had nothing to do with specializing in one particular field, and everything to do with making connections among multiple subjects to think up new concepts.

In other words, these polymaths possessed imagination…

And the rare ability to apply it.

Yet this flies in the face of what most of us believe about school success — and I bet you've never heard anyone even mention "imagination" in a conversation about getting higher test scores.

Because most of us learn that we must focus on one subject, master it, and only then will we be successful and considered intelligent.

But I saw that wasn't always true…

Because those great minds were the ones who could learn and understand many subjects…

Not just one.

For instance, DaVinci and Steve Jobs famously fused art with science and math…

And Nikola Tesla was an inventor and electrical engineer, who could speak eight languages…

While some seem to be born with the ability that allows them to make connections among many subjects, I found after 40 years of teaching that anyone can learn to "turn it on"…

Not by memorizing facts in outdated textbooks…

But by learning to identify patterns. (And that's really all my "teaching shortcut" is)…

Nurturing the ability to see patterns, make connections, and focus the imagination…

So I created a system for parents to help their children do just that, and it only takes 5 minutes per day of fun, off-line activities to "flip the switch"…

Four years ago, I decided to take my methodology to a school board to see what would happen…

What SHOCKS educators the most is how I've boosted grades without forcing kids to do extra homework, memorize lots of facts or torture them with drills in order to pass a test!

The Prime Minister Laughed At My Silly Games
Until He Saw What Happened To The "C" Students...

I used to live in Europe.

When I shared my methodology with the school board, they told me that it was IMPOSSIBLE to fit my program into the curriculum…

And you know what? They were right…

Because their curriculum is based on a 100 year-old model, back when there was a severe shortage of qualified factory workers.

In those days, we needed good workers who had basic skills and could follow directions. The last thing we needed were "geniuses" who strayed from the pack…

So schools were designed to produce obedient factory workers… And that's the opposite of what most parents want for their children today.

Because today, those in innovative roles, like CEOs, successful visual artists, robotics specialists, and even serious musicians can earn millions more than a factory worker…

Or an employee stuck in middle management…

Or even a doctor, lawyer, or salesman.

But you don't get to that level of success just by sitting quietly, reciting facts, and getting gold stars for turning in your homework…

Which means your child directly pays the price for participating in this outdated system.

The results in the Czech Republic were so significant that the Prime Minister visited one of my pilot schools personally. He couldn't believe what happened to the "C" students. Classes filled with "C" students were outperforming the "A" kids... And he was eager for us to expand our program across the country.

I want to introduce Games of Genius to more schools but the pandemic has made that difficult. That's why I'm now teaching parents how to directly help their kids…

If you train the mind in a specific way, you create a magic bridge across both hemispheres of the brain and enable it rapidly learn music, martial arts, dance, robotics, chess, design, painting, drawing, ballet, comic creation, math, sports, coding, robotics, inventing and many other disciplines...

And I'm not just building talent in one of these areas. I'm building talent in ALL of them! Have you ever seen a child like that?

"This program has been so successful because it brings the most important thing we have been calling for in the long run – teaching children to think."

– Martin Lana, principal at a pilot school

Are You Ready to Give Your Child the
Future They Deserve?

Try Games of Genius

My 5-Minute Games Help Your Child See the World Through the Eyes of Their Inner Genius

You see, patterns are found in all areas of life including science, math, music, design, psychology, business and sports.

That's why my 5-minute activities train your kids to spot patterns quickly, because geniuses see in patterns and think in patterns...

It's like a sixth sense that changes your entire perception of the world.

So learning to see and use patterns instinctively is a key part of transforming the mind. It's a building block of imagination... and the secret to picking up new skills faster.

If your child is going to become a true innovator, they need to keep up with this new world we're living in. They must be well-rounded to develop creative solutions to real-world problems.

That requires exposure to more than one area of expertise.

That's why along with imagination, kids also need to grasp art, design, engineering, technology and business.

And that's what MindFinity is designed to do...

My games start simply and grow in complexity over time as your pattern recognition and imagination improve.

You can begin with kids as young as 3, but even grandparents love to play them!

Once your kids reach Level 4, they should be talented in MULTIPLE disciplines.

All Programs Claim To Give My Kids An Edge…
How Do I Decide!?

I teach parents how to play 5-minute offline games with their children to build Inventive IQ. But I know there are so many options available to invest in your child's future… from online programs to off-line programs.

Many programs simply provide more academic practice whether in math or all subjects. Others spark curiosity about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) via hands-on projects. I don't believe the skills they teach are very futureproof but they're all great alternatives to sticking your child in front of a mindless TV show…

Games of Genius is in a different category altogether. Our goal is to upgrade the mind entirely. When you prime the brain with pattern recognition, pattern design, learning by analogy and real-time composition, math and other subjects simply become easier to grasp more rapidly. The result is a child that does better in school and improves in all areas…

In the pilot schools in Europe, kids are separated into classes based on their academic performance. My award-winning methodology doesn't teach math… and yet the fourth graders who were "C" kids ended up attending more outside math competitions than the "A" students!

Inventive IQ will be one of the most highly prized skills because companies will always need what AI and robots cannot do. This skill has not been systematically taught until now…

Most importantly, if all these other programs work so well, why don't they back their product with a one year money back guarantee?


We're so confident in our award-winning program, that if you play Games of Genius for a year, we 100% GUARANTEE that your child will be more focused, imaginative, innovative, musical and coordinated…

Your child will love learning and do better in school…

And as a parent, you'll feel more involved in their education and have a deeper connection with your child. If not, we'll gladly offer you your money back.

No other education company in the world offers a one-year human performance guarantee like this.

Try Games of Genius
FREE for 5 Days...

No credit card required.

Everything you need:

  • 5 Minute Daily Offline Games - This is how you rewire the brain, build multiple intelligences and develop a polymath mind. Based on Opher Brayer's 40 years of research and experimentation. Get 5 new award-winning games each week that increase in complexity and build inventive IQ. Watch a video lesson of each game and then play it with your child. Mastery happens when you can expand each game into fun variations.
  • Progress Reports - We include assessments so you can see how your kids are incrementally improving their Inventive IQ. The program covers Perception, Spatiality, De-Construction, Cause & Effect, Variation, Music, Melody, Karate, Logic, Emotion, Design, Shapes, Geometry, Drawing, Dance, Rhythm and Coordination.
  • Weekly Guidance - Our weekly Polymath Kids e-Magazine keeps you organized and includes both transcripts and downloadable worksheets for each game. It also contains interesting articles, community updates, fun surprises and more. We're on this life-changing journey together. Once your child can "see infinity" it changes everything: Opportunities. Possibilities. Solutions.
  • Private Community - Post updates, get inspired by others and ask for help from our Certified Trainers and other Super Parents. You'll be part of a future-ready community.
  • FREE GIFT! - Get Opher's fascinating 5-Day Toronto Parents Workshop videos (worth $3,300) when you enroll.

You really can rewire your child's brain in only 5 minutes a day!

Give your child a future edge by playing games designed to develop talents in four areas of cognition that schools don't teach:

Pattern recognition - The ability to recognize emotional, intellectual, or physical patterns and how they are built and connected.

Pattern design - The ability to detect different pattern elements and re-design them in a systematic order to generate a product, service, or behavior.

Analogy - Techniques that help people make the connection between one experience in their lives and another.

Real time composition – The ability to fuse recognized and designed patterns and find the common denominator.

These are the foundations of dynamic, polymath thinking. We use them to systematically develop talent in multiple disciplines and build Inventive IQ, which is the human capability to invent, solve or innovate using a trained imagination.

Our award-winning games start very simply and build in complexity over time as your pattern recognition and imagination improve… In fact, your brain wouldn't be capable of playing game 200 right now. You must build one brain connection at a time...

You can begin with kids as young as 3, but even grandparents love to play them!

Learning to see in patterns and think in patterns is a key part of transforming the mind. It's a building block of imagination... and the secret to picking up new skills faster.

Remember, the true "superpower" of high performers is not how well they can memorize facts and figures from their textbooks… It's the rare ability to see patterns and apply imagination.

This is what makes people like Leonardo DaVinci, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk so unique.

FREE GIFT ($3,300 Value):
Instant Access To The Toronto Parents Workshop

Recently, parents paid $3,300 each to attend Opher Brayer's 5-day workshop in Toronto to learn how to play our games, coach their kids, and become more supportive parents.

We're making the entire workshop available as a FREE GIFT to you when you enroll.

What You'll Discover...

  • How kids can build a more imaginative mind, become extraordinary innovators and outperform their peers
  • How to expand your child's unique talents across multiple fields
  • How to develop the "natural" mathematical brain and imagination
  • Futurism: How to spot trends, make sense of them, and avoid surprises in your life and your child's life
  • The most impressive innovations you've never heard of and will see in the next few years and why they matter
  • How to strengthen your child's talents without being an expert
  • How the most complex rhythm in music that even most musicians can't play can be taught in minutes to non-musicians using simple math
  • How to help support your child's ability to learn, increase comprehension, and raise their Inventive IQ
  • Proven methods and techniques that can help make your child more intelligent, creative and prepared for a successful future
  • How to raise kind humans… and the importance of empathy in a technology-centric world
  • The secret to getting kids engaged whether practicing music, martial arts or anything – even for hours a day – without forcing it
  • How to coach your child to greater success by asking three specific questions each day
  • What to say (and not say) if you want your child to reach greatness
  • Why you must play these games too… to stay sharp and keep yourself relevant!

Are You Ready to Give Your Child the
Future They Deserve?

Try Games of Genius

Our Certified Trainers Are Here to Help You!


Together We Can Change The World!

The world needs a new breed of leader capable of solving big and complex challenges… and Games of Genius is my solution.

My games exist to develop the mind, to strengthen different parts of the brain and ultimately, to build an army of future leaders who will lead the world with confidence, compassion and innovation.

So if my mission also touches your heart, then I can't wait to help your kids reach the highest levels of success.

I look forward to meeting you in our parent community!

With love and light,

Opher Brayer

Opher Brayer is the founder of the Brayer Group and is a business mentor, trainer, teacher, methodologist, TEDx Speaker, and author.

Opher's groundbreaking learning methodology is being used by tens of thousands of students, in schools around the world, and is responsible for developing thousands of multi-talented children. For instance, taking one client's child from "underperforming" at school to admission into a prestigious university at the age of 13.

He has invested much of his life, and millions of dollars, to discover how talent can be cultivated in the human brain.

Contrary to the popular belief that talent is either natural or comes through luck, Opher's award-winning methodologies demonstrate that people can systematically develop multi-disciplinary "genius" through simple exercises.

Opher Brayer has helped many innovative companies:

Are You Ready to Give Your Child the
Future They Deserve?

Try Games of Genius

9 More Reasons To Get Started Today...

Are You Ready to Give Your Child the
Future They Deserve?

Try Games of Genius
My child has a hard time paying attention - will this work for us?

Yes! Most of our games only take 5 minutes to play and some are even as quick as 30 seconds. These were designed with fun in mind first and foremost because having fun is how kids learn best. There are plenty of studies to back this up!

Will I have to do a lot of teaching?

No. Each game comes with an instructional video that does all the teaching! However, we encourage you to talk your child through the lesson as much as you can to encourage their learning and help them solidify the concepts.

My child is a little older, can we skip to the more advanced games?

You could, but you'd be missing out. Our games are designed to build off each other. We recommend you do not skip any games so your child builds a solid foundation of pattern recognition and pattern design.

Can we play the same game more than once?

Yes, and don't be surprised if your child asks to do so! Kids love these games and will often choose a favorite. Repeating the games they like most only encourages them to keep learning and makes their experience more fun. Plus we teach you how to expand on every game, so each game can become many.

What if my child doesn't understand these games?

That's okay! Some children need more time to learn these concepts, especially if they're younger. That's why when you start playing these games, you also become part of my Private Member Community so you're not alone and can trade ideas and stories with other Super Parents like yourself.