Games of Genius Enrollment

Our Stage One (Year One) Program Includes The Following:

  • 5 Minute Daily Offline Games: This is how you rewire the brain, build multiple intelligences and develop a polymath mind. Based on Opher Brayer's 40 years of research and experimentation.

    Get 5 new award-winning offline games each week that increase in complexity and build inventive IQ. Watch a video lesson of each game and then play it with your child. Mastery happens when you can expand each game into fun variations.
  • Progress Reports: We include assessments so you can see how your kids are incrementally improving their Inventive IQ.

    The first year, Stage One program covers Perception, Spatiality, De-Construction, Cause & Effect, Variation, Music, Melody, Karate, Logic, Emotion, Design, Shapes, Geometry, Drawing, Dance, Rhythm and Coordination.
  • Fun prizes: Earn points for completing games and making progress. Your kids can reedem points for fun prizes you choose together. You then reward them directly for their progress.
  • Super Parents Community: Connect with our private member community to share ideas, find inspiration and support, and get answers to your questions.

Payment Options

Get the first month of our Monthly Plan for only $29... or save almost $200 and get 4 extra bonuses with our Super Saver plan.

Note: Financial assistance and scholarships are available for those who qualify. Click here to submit an application.

Stage One Super Saver Plan

Everything you need to play our award-winning games with your kids.

  • Bonus #1: LIFETIME ACCESS to Opher Brayer's 5 Day Super Parents Workshop recordings (see below, $3,300 value)
  • Bonus #2: TWO years of access to our Stage One program in case you need extra time or have younger children ($899 value)
  • Bonus #3: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonus #4: One Year Transformation Guarantee (see below)
Invest $899 one-time today and save at least $197 (18% off)

Stage One Monthly Plan

Everything you need to play our award-winning games with your kids.

Get access for as long as you need until you complete the Stage One program.

Month to month, cancel anytime.

$29 for the first month, $99 per month thereafter

Choose your plan:

Super Saver Bonus:
Lifetime Access To Opher's Super Parents Workshop (Worth $3,300)

Recently, parents paid $3,300 each to attend Opher Brayer’s 5-day workshop in Toronto to learn how to play our games, coach their kids, and become more supportive parents. We recorded everything for you and put it online...

This is your extra bonus for fully committing to the Stage One program.

What You’ll Discover...

  • How kids can build a more imaginative mind, become extraordinary innovators and outperform their peers
  • How to expand your child’s unique talents across multiple fields
  • How to develop the “natural” mathematical brain and imagination
  • Futurism: How to spot trends, make sense of them, and avoid surprises in your life and your child’s life
  • The most impressive innovations you’ve never heard of and will see in the next few years and why they matter
  • How to strengthen your child’s talents without being an expert
  • How the most complex rhythm in music that even most musicians can’t play can be taught in minutes to non-musicians using simple math
  • How to help support your child’s ability to learn, increase comprehension, and raise their Inventive IQ
  • Proven methods and techniques that can help make your child more intelligent, creative and prepared for a successful future
  • How to raise kind humans… and the importance of empathy in a technology-centric world
  • The secret to getting kids engaged whether practicing music, martial arts or anything – even for hours a day – without forcing it
  • How to coach your child to greater success by asking three specific questions each day
  • What to say (and not say) if you want your child to reach greatness
  • Why you must play these games too… to stay sharp and keep yourself relevant!


No other education company in the world offers a performance-based ONE YEAR, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

We’re so confident in our award-winning program, that if you play Games of Genius for a year, we 100% GUARANTEE that your child will be more focused, imaginative, innovative, musical and coordinated... Your child will love learning and do better in school... And as a parent, you’ll feel more involved in their education and have a deeper connection with your child. If not, we’ll gladly offer you a full refund. All you have to do it play the games we provide each week and post to the Super Parents community twice per month to contribute and get feedback.

Questions? Schedule a call with one of our enrollment advisors!