Do you see the red hammer I'm holding?

It feels like I’ve been swinging it for 40 years... nailing down exactly how to turn an ordinary child into an extraordinary one...

I won this award for inventing a method that enables AVERAGE kids to develop Davinci-like superpowers.

I won this award for inventing a method that enables AVERAGE kids to develop Davinci-like superpowers.

Hi, I'm Opher Brayer and I believe that kids who are trained to think like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk will be the winners of the future.

You see, a young mind is like clay...

When molded properly it has a strong imagination, sees endless connections... and can master new fields effortlessly.

And that type of mind is now required to land the BEST opportunities and avoid being left behind in today's fast-changing world...

The ONE Skill That Makes Kids Stand Out Today Is IMAGINATION

You want the best for your kids...

You take them on interesting vacations, enroll them in activities after school and help them get good grades…

Unfortunately, that's not enough anymore.

Imagination is now a critical skill because many of today’s jobs will be taken away by smarter computers and automation...

And imagination is not taught in schools!

But by following the simple steps I'll share... your kids WILL NOT be competing against robots and the latest artificial intelligence.

They’ll be the innovators who get the most fulfilling jobs...

And their imagination, their ability to CREATE, will always be in demand!

I Discovered A "Hack" To Build Imagination And Boost Intelligence..

One of the biggest challenges for ANY teacher is getting a child’s attention.

Whether they’re in the classroom or in the playground, kids are always distracted… Making it almost impossible for them to absorb information.

But have you ever noticed how focused kids get while playing GAMES?

All kids love games…

They love the challenge, the thrill of winning or solving something, and it keeps their attention.

Well... I’ve developed an award-winning method that incorporates GAMES into learning.

Kids who play my games start thinking in new way. The games are designed to train your imagination to be able to see virtually limitless possibilities.

That’s why I call it MindFinity.

What SHOCKS educators the most is how I’ve boosted grades without forcing kids to do extra homework, memorize lots of facts or torture them with drills in order to pass a test!

The Prime Minister Laughed
At My Silly Games Until He Saw
What Happened To The "C" Students...

I live part-time in the Czech Republic.

When I shared my methodology with the school board, I almost got kicked out of the building!

They told me the results I promised were IMPOSSIBLE... and that it was IMPOSSIBLE to fit my program into the curriculum...

But then I asked them a simple question that changed everything...

“Yes... I know your teachers are under extreme pressure to increase test scores... but aren’t the first 5 minutes of class a waste anyways? Let’s do an experiment... What if instead of goofing off, the kids get to play my fun games?”

So that’s how I hacked the school system..

A year later, I met the Prime Minister at one of our schools. He just couldn't believe the SPECTACULAR RESULTS...

Classes filled with "C" students were outperforming the "A" kids...

And he was eager for us to expand our program across the country.

It's Not Your Fault That Our Schools Are Broken...

Today's system was born over 100 years ago when there was a severe shortage of qualified factory workers.

We needed good workers who had basic skills and could follow directions.

Schools were designed to produce obedient factory workers... And that's
the opposite of what we need today!

The big problem now is that robots are getting cheaper, they're getting smarter and they don't take vacations...

That's the new competition we face, not the school you go to or the grades you get

The world is changing so quickly... and our education system is falling hopelessly behind...

America invests the most in education and yet its K-12 schools can't even crack the world’s Top 30 rankings!

But we'll work together to make sure the old factory model doesn't stop your kids from developing IMAGINATION and thriving in this new world.

The stakes are WAY too high...

Are You Sure That Becoming A Doctor, Lawyer or Programmer Is Still A Good Idea!?

You only have about 6 years left to prepare your kids for success before they're "all grown up."

Schools may be stuck in a time capsule but technology is accelerating...

An iPhone has a touchscreen that didn't exist 10 years ago...

That technology is now causing an explosion of self-service kiosks at stores, restaurants and airports.

As a result, many low-paid jobs are silently vanishing...

And you can guess what will happen when self-driving cars and trucks arrive... along with robots that hop out and deliver “last mile” packages to your door!

What REALLY worries me is that high-paying professions will also disappear...

A computer can now read and understand the contents of 500,000 medical journals or legal cases in 20 minutes.

Who can compete with that!?

Technology will soon eliminate many doctors and lawyers along with programmers and other skilled jobs...

But the GOOD NEWS is we already know that the careers that pay the best will be in Research & Development.

Those who invent our future will be in high demand... And it could be your kids... but only if you’ve given them an edge.

In fact, there's already a huge need for that talent TODAY...

Amazon is actively hiring 25,000 R&D specialists who will earn an average of $150,000 per year. Meanwhile, their vast warehouses use lots of automation and robots...

For the poor humans still left in Amazon's warehouses, they robo-fire the ones who don’t meet quotas. Artificial intelligence makes a calculation, a letter automatically goes out and it’s game over!

The future is now...

My mission is to teach kids the ONE skill that gives them an edge... so they never face hardship and have a bright and prosperous future!

I've Done A Lot During My 40 Years As An Educator...

I deconstructed entire fields and created over 170 methodologies to teach subjects and skills rapidly.

A lifetime ago, I began as a music professor and created over 3,000 professional musicians. There is NO MUSIC TEACHER in the world who can match my record. None!

I took untalented kids and minted prodigies with my unique method. A number of my students earn $1 million dollars per year today. I'm particularly proud of Yaron Herman. You can google his TED talk where he demonstrates how I got him started...

Yaron's dream was to be a basketball player. But then he got a serious knee injury at 15... So he literally had ZERO musical talent at age 16.

I turned him into a professional musician within 3 years. Now he's the #3 musician in the world. He performs 200 times per year and has earned tens of millions of dollars!

Decades ago, I was part of a secret government program in Israel to develop the world’s most brilliant children. You don’t understand…

Israel is considered an active war zone. My home in Tel Aviv has a reinforced concrete closet... 

It feels like once a month I hear a siren and have 20 seconds to run for cover because hundreds of missiles are headed my way. They get shot down midair. Sirens go off so we can avoid getting hit by the shrapnel shower that rains down. This is our daily reality!

Israel can’t compete with the armies of our neighbors and their unlimited oil money… Our only chance for survival has been to increase our brain power so we can shoot down missiles and outthink those who want to harm us.

All Israeli kids must serve in the military. I helped the government upgrade the mental abilities of elite army units and to transform the country into its current status as a world-leader in innovation. Each year, I worked directly with the army’s brightest 2,000 kids who later went on to create the startup industry which today is legendary.

One close friend’s son I worked with was failing at school... I stepped in and two years later, at age 13, he was admitted early to a prestigious university. No... No one had to bribe anyone to get him accepted!

I also managed to rehabilitate an autistic girl who is now 26 and doing well. She has a great job and fulfilling life.

Quite simply, it took me 40 years of experimentation... and now, I really believe I’ve found the holy grail of education - how to SYSTEMATICALLY spark multiple intelligences in children.

You might have heard the term, “polymath thinking”... It’s a mind like Davinci, Jobs or Musk which can connect the dots quickly and grasp multiple fields with ease...

If you train the mind in a specific way, you create a magic bridge across both hemispheres of the brain and enable it rapidly learn music, martial arts, dance, robotics, chess, design, painting, drawing, ballet, comic creation, math, sports, coding, robotics, inventing and many other disciplines...

And I’m not just building talent in one of these areas. I’m building talent in ALL of them! Have you ever seen a child like that?

I expect every child to demonstrate proficiency in all of them and I’m achieving that EASILY every day…

I‘d love to give your kids an edge and inspire them to create a better world!

Best of all, you won’t need to spend crazy amounts of time or money... You just need to play my simple games.

How My Games Build Imagination

The ONE skill your kids must develop first is a vivid imagination...

That's why I begin with PATTERN RECOGNITION.

I train your kids to spot patterns quickly because geniuses see in PATTERNS and think in PATTERNS... It’s like a 6th sense that changes your entire perception of the world.

You see, patterns are found in all areas of life including science, math, music, design, psychology, business and sports.

Learning to see and use PATTERNS instinctively is a key part of transforming the mind. It's a building block of imagination... and the secret to picking up new skills faster.

A true innovator is well-rounded and practical. Their goal is to develop elegant solutions to real-world problems. That requires exposure to more than one area of expertise.

That’s why along with imagination, kids also need to grasp Art, Design, Engineering, Technology and Business.

And that's what MindFinity is designed to do...

You can begin with kids as young as 4. My games start simply and grow in complexity over time as your child's pattern recognition and imagination improve.

Once your kids reach Level 4, around the age of 14, they should be talented in MULTIPLE disciplines and capable of inventing and 3D modeling a unique product they could sell.

Here's How I Train The Mind To Master Multiple Disciplines With Ease

Take a close look at the simple example below...

I discovered the power of this approach nearly 40 years ago when I revolutionized music instruction

This basic 1-2-3 pattern can be applied to art, music, dance, martial arts, geometry, design, sports drills and dozens of areas...

I'll show you how... and your kids will learn to do this automatically

Just by playing my games for 5 minutes per day, your kids will learn to "connect the dots" quickly...

The secret behind my system is actually MATHEMATICS

I’m Teaching A Mental Code: Pattern Recognition and Pattern Design

Once you grasp the "code", you can use it to improvise in dozens of areas.

My games are like the ABCs of innovation and are designed to build talent...

You'll be amazed when I have your kids easily move from music to martial arts to design using the same patterns they just learned.

They’re forming real connections in the brain that are multi-disciplinary.

Each game takes up to 5 minutes and your kids should play at least five games per week.

I call them games because my lessons are never boring...

So don’t be surprised if your kids have so much fun they ask to keep playing after a lesson is over.

You Really Can Rewire Your Children's Brain
In Only 5 Minutes A Day!

Any teacher can easily help a “Talented and Gifted” child who is motivated... But 98% of kids aren’t gifted and don’t get the same opportunities...

That's why I've always been OBSESSED with figuring out how to take normal kids and make them gifted.

I know it’s hard to believe but 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

You’re building one brain connection at a time... and locking it in with a good night’s sleep.

Get Lifetime Access to My Workshop
Worth $3,300 for FREE

Over a dozen parents paid $3,300 each to attend my 5-day workshop in Toronto to learn how to play my games, coach their kids and become Super Parents.

I recorded everything and had each of the daily workshop sessions professionally edited and put online for instant access.

And for a limited time, I’m making the whole workshop available for FREE. It’s a gift to you. No strings attached.

Here's what you'll learn in my workshop:

  • Why spending tens of thousands on private school and enrichment programs won't guarantee your kids success anymore
  • The secret to getting kids to practice music, martial arts or anything - even for hours a day - without forcing it
  • How kids can build a more imaginative mind, become extraordinary innovators and develop products and services rapidly
  • The theory behind Fast Adaptable Skills Transfer (FAST) and how to expand your child's unique talents across multiple fields
  • How to develop the "natural" mathematical brain and imagination
  • Futurism: How to spot trends, make sense of them and avoid surprises in your life.
  • The most impressive innovations you've never heard of and will see in the next few years.
  • Why schools can't be trusted to prepare our kids
  • The skills not taught in school that will be most valuable in the future
  • How to strengthen your child's talents without being an expert
  • How the most complex rhythm in music that even most musicians can't play can be taught in minutes to non-musicians after my brain training
  • How to 10x your child's ability to learn, increase comprehension, and raise their IQ
  • Proven methods and techniques that make your child more intelligent, creative and prepared for a successful future
  • How to raise smart and kind humans... and the importance of empathy in a technology-centric world
  • How to coach your child to greater success by asking three specific questions per day
  • What to say (and not say) if you want your child to reach greatness
  • Why you and your parents MUST play these games too... to refresh your mind and reinvent yourself

I'm Also Including A FREE TRIAL To My Accelerated Games Program So You Can Try It Free For 7 Days...

You have lifetime access to my workshop free of charge.
Enjoy all the lessons, discover my methods and apply them.

Along with my gift, you'll also get a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL to our Accelerated Games Program.

Play the games with your kids to see how much fun they have...

Heck, parents and grandparents use our programs and love them, so I know you’ll be thrilled!

Most of my games will take 5 minutes. Some take as little as 30 seconds.

That’s by design...

My games build in complexity over time...

The truth is that if I skipped ahead and asked you to play game 200, your brain wouldn't be capable of doing it.

Remember... one game at a time!

And if you decide to continue playing after 7 days, your monthly subscription will deliver everything you need to raise successful children..

  • Weekly lesson plans with video instruction on the exact games to play with your kids
  • Regular LIVE Q&A sessions with me to answer any questions you might have
  • Access to a Private Member Community so you're not alone and can trade ideas and stories with other Super Parents

Just click the GET INSTANT ACCESS button to start your 7-DAY FREE TRIAL today.

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These Parents Happily Paid $3,300 For The Workshop I'm Giving You For FREE... Try

Read Transcript

Remember: There Are Only 3 Ways to Prepare Your Kids to Be Successful in Today's Fast-Changing World...

And you only get to pick ONE.

First, you can continue trusting teachers to do what’s best for your kids... and that’s perfectly fine!

You’re busy... and probably even lack the time to work out anymore...

Fitting another to-do item into your schedule or adding another expense is a hard pill to swallow.


Why should this be your responsibility... isn't that why we pay taxes?

If you continue to trust the school system, the key is being okay with the minimum standards set by the government...

Which means being okay that your kids couldn't even win 30th place in an international education competition...

And being okay with them lacking the ONE skill that will give them an edge in this new world.

Be honest... do you even use what you learned in school?

Alternatively, you could take my message to heart, trust yourself and take action on your own...

There are plenty of books, games and apps out there. Some with puzzles, some with patterns and others with easy ways to memorize facts about different subjects. In addition, there are a range of enriching activities for your kids to enjoy...

All of this requires research and a lot of careful decision-making over the next 4 to 10 years...

The hope here is that you’ve chosen wisely and your child ends up having developed the ONE skill you agree is essential for future success and happiness.

And finally, you could invite me to be your mentor and guide. I've been doing this for 40 years and have a proven system. It’s easy. It’s affordable. And it’s available right now.

Whichever path you take, you’re making a decision...

In a strange way, my soul is telling me that the future happiness of a lot of kids around the world is resting on my shoulders...

I don’t know if this feeling is passion, a calling or simply craziness! But I do know my heart is in the right place...

That's why I urge you to start your 7-day free trial RIGHT NOW...

Together we must build your children's imagination because they deserve to have at least the same standard of living as you’ve enjoyed...

Extra Bonus! Boost YOUR Brain While
Helping Your Kids...

Do you remember the safety instructions on an airplane before takeoff?

“Apply oxygen mask to yourself before helping children.”

I believe Imagination is the oxygen of the future. Don’t believe for a second that my training is only for kids. This is for you, too!

If you want to have more imagination, to notice 10X more… to be the one with great ideas who gets ahead at work or rallies the troops with an insightful vision, then this might be the most important training you'll ever do.

The person who progresses in life is the one who sees more and who has more insights.

Remember, the most innovative ideas are "obvious" only after everyone has seen them for the first time.

You have an incredible opportunity to upgrade your own mind and bond with your kids at the same time…

When I walk into a room, I see more than everyone else. Shapes and colors jump out at me and in a fraction of a second... I vividly grasp objects...

Their order, their arrangement, their pattern… the negative space around them and I even notice anything that's out of place.

The way that Newton was inspired by an apple falling down from a tree is how I find myself feeling every single day!

And trust me… I'm no genius. I just figured out how to hack my own mind and deeply connect the logical and creative sides of my brain.

It really works. Even grandparents who pay for their grandkids want to play my games!

Let me tell you... They're so excited when they realize that this works for them, too and it's easy...

They can reactivate their mind and learn to play piano, paint or draw... all the things they wished they could do when they were young!

Watch the FREE workshop videos and prepare to be delighted. Your life will never be the same!

It's Time To Build The ONE Skill That Gives You An Edge...

After reading this far, I'm sure you'll think of me every time you see a news article that mentions our schools failing or the coming changes from advances in technology... especially if you’ve decided to do nothing!

I’ll say this now at the risk of losing my hard-earned reputation...

Playing MindFinity is more important than sending your kids to a fancy private school... Period.

I know that’s a bold claim.

So I challenge you to take me up on this offer...

Give my Accelerated Games Program a try for at least 7 days.

If you don’t notice a difference in the way your child learns... if you and your child are not ENJOYING the games… then you can simply cancel your membership online with a few clicks.

You’ll still have access to my workshop worth $3,300 just for trusting me and trying it out.

Don’t miss this chance to become the Super Parent you strive to be!

This is your opportunity to do something for your kids, yourself and even your parents…

Start your 7-DAY FREE TRIAL today and I’ll send you an exclusive link to the free workshop right away!

Get Instant Access!!

Before You Go... You Must
Promise Me That You Won't
Show Off Your Kids Like A
Circus Act...

I’m here to change the world!

If all you want is for your kids to be the most brilliant, top-of-the-class prodigies so you can show off all their talents to build up your own self-esteem and sense of worth... then we should part ways right now.

The world needs a new breed of leader capable of solving big and complex challenges… and MindFinity is my solution.

Every amazing thing your child will learn and be able to do is really just a means to an end.

Sure... if kids enjoy martial arts, drawing or music they might gain a lifelong hobby or even a profession.

But the activity is completely irrelevant…

My games exist to develop their mind, to strengthen different parts of the brain and ultimately, to build an army of future leaders who will lead the world with confidence, compassion and innovation.

So if my mission also touches your heart, then I can't wait to help your kids reach the highest levels of success.

I look forward to meeting you in our parent community!

With love and light,

P.S. For a limited time, I'm giving you FREE LIFETIME ACCESS to the 5-day workshop
I did in Toronto. Parents happily paid $3,300 to attend and you're getting it for free as a gift from me. I'm also giving you a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL to my Accelerated Games Program...

Try my games to see how fun they are. If you keep playing them, you'll unlock IMAGINATION, build talent in multiple disciplines and set your kids up for long-term success.

This is my life's work... Together we can change the world by raising the next generation of leaders and innovators!

Yes! Give MY FAMILY free access to Opher’s workshop and start my free trial

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